A department of the Jobcenter Pro Arbeit - Kreis Offenbach - (AöR)

Think European. Act socially.
The European Project Management (EPM) is a young innovative team of Pro Arbeit - Kreis Offenbach (AöR). Here, transnational projects are developed and implemented. This enables the entire organisation to participate at European level. 

Hello, let's introduce ourselves:

Wali Ayobi - Project Manager
(BA in Social Work, State-certified Social Worker)
Wali worked as a job coach in the youth counselling office RoOF before joining EPM as a project manager in summer 2020. 

Judit Alema - Project Manager and Developer

(BA Political Science, MA Governance and Public Policy)

After successfully completing her studies and gaining several years of professional experience in project management and the fields of diversity, anti-discrimination, migration & flight, participation and gender, Judit Alema joined EPM in April 2023 as a project manager.

Amira Bieber -
Head of Department EPM, Project Manager and Developer

(MA in Education, Sociology and Psychology)
Amira has been head of EPM since 2019. She brings diverse work experience as a job coach (Team 50 Plus), migration officer, teacher and social worker. She is particularly interested in socio-educational family support with a focus on educational support for young mothers and their children. Amira holds a "train-the-trainer" licence.

Bernadette Böcker - Project Manager and Developer
(MA in African Linguistics, Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology)
After several years in the cultural sector, Bernadette gained extensive experience in the social and economic integration of refugees, migrants and long-term unemployed before joining EPM in 2019. Bernadette is a certified teacher for "German as a Second Language". 

Sarah Haase - Communications Manager
(BA in Media: Conception & Production)
After Sarah successfully completed her studies, she has been responsible for the EPM's public relations and social media presence as well as for all implemented projects since autumn 2020. 

Mohammed Issifu – Project Manager 

(BA in Development Studies, MA in Social Science and Development Management)

Mohammed has already worked with refugees and asylum seekers in a German reception camp. He also has experience in working with youth and young adults. 

Gretel Marksteiner - Project Manager

(MA in European Integration) 
After completing her Master's degree and spending time abroad in Denmark and Portugal, Gretel gained a wide range of experience in the social area, amongst others being head of a Caritas volunteer centre and project manager for „Jugend stärken im Quartier“ for the City of Dietzenbach. Since June 2022, she has been the new project manager in the EPM team.

Benedikt Pötz - Project Manager and Developer

(MA in Social Sciences and European Studies) 
Benedikt has experience in social work with refugees, older people and people with disabilities. Before joining the EPM team in 2019, he completed a Blue Book Traineeship at the European Commission.

Turker Saliji - 

Project Manager and Developer 
(Master of Arts on International Relations) 
With a Master of Arts degree in International Relations with a focus on irregular migration, Turker has worked on developing sustainable solutions for refugee rights. He has developed and implemented advocacy programs to influence policies and decision-making mechanisms for organizations defending the rights of refugees. Turker has extensive experience in developing project concepts, coordinating EU-funded programs in conducting evidence-based research. 

Rukhshanda Shahid -  

Project Manager and Developer 
(BA in Social Work) 
Rukhshanda already worked with people seeking employment in the field of job application training after her studies. She was then able to deepen her experience in jobcoaching at Pro Arbeit. Rukhshanda is interested in the inclusion and integration of people who have a high potential and valuable resources to positively influence the local society. 

Bettina Vonderheid - 

Project Manager and Developer 

(BA in Franco-German Studies: Cross-border communication and cooperation, MA in Regional and European Project Management)

After successfully completing her studies, Bettina joined EPM in April 2023 as a project manager. She has already gained experience in the (inter)cultural and social sector.

Amin Annouri - 

Simple Language Examiner  

(trained examiner) 

He is a trained Simple Language Verifier at Pro Arbeit and ensures that information is accessible and understandable for all. In addition, Amin supports the building management of Pro Arbeit.