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European Union AMIF Programme 957902

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Ltd is a pioneering organisation which initiates and implements projects of positive social change.

SYNTHESIS is an expert in the fields of entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, employment, migrant integration and social inclusion. SYNTHESIS provides non-formal education to diverse and vulnerable groups with the aim to help them acquire the skills they need to lead a fulfilling and productive live. SYNTHESIS undertakes Research and Policy development and provides consulting services to the European Commission, governmental, non-governmental and private institutions. SYNTHESIS has a long experience in managing and coordinating activities for EU-funded projects.


Solution: Solidarité & Inclusion

Solution: Solidarité & Inclusion is an NGO based in Paris developing innovative actions to promote social cohesion through non formal education. 

The objective of the association is to boost social inclusion among younger adults by proposing several kinds of activities allowing to foster mutual acceptance, stimulate human interests by offering cross-cutting activities, design educational programs to open minds and strengthen fair dynamics between generations. Solution has built a strong network with local NGOs working for the rights and inclusion of the migrant population. Solution will rely on this network to have a broad direct access to the project’s target population.


Cidis Onlus

Cidis Onlus is an Italian non-profit organization, born in the early 80’s, working to guarantee equal rights and opportunities for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and to promote Italy as multicultural society. 

Cidis Onlus operates at national and European level to promote a culture of hospitality and build integration , in the belief that participation and equal opportunities for all members of a communities are essential conditions for ensuring social cohesion and peaceful coexistence in modern plural and multi-ethnic societies. Cidis Onlus operates in central and southern Italy to achieve cultural diversity, equal opportunities for all and social cohesion, promoting intercultural dialogue and fighting prejudice, racism and xenophobia.



ABD is a Spanish non-profit organization nominated of public service by the government that started in the 1980s.

For almost 40 years ABD accompanies people in situations of social fragility at different times in their life paths individually or in groups, and acting through the community. ABD’s mission is the creation and management of projects and services focused on people and communities to facilitate their empowerment and strengthen their active role in generating social equality and personal and collective well-being. ABD provides more than 85 programs and services that respond to the processes that create situations of vulnerability or social exclusion.


Vital Aid Foundation

Vital Aid Foundation was founded in The Hague in 2004 as a not- for profit organization that intends to integrate the refugees and migrants into the Dutch society and culture. 

The mission of the organization is to assist refugees and migrant women to improve their socio-economic position and integrate effectively into the society and the culture of the host country. In order to realize this aspiration, VAF strives to foster conducive environment that would encourage immigrants to participate fully in innovative, productive and optimal use of their intellectual capacities in all dimensions of life. Based on this goal, VAF has designed and implemented a wide range of projects, programs and activities that involve African migrants of various cultural backgrounds, different age ranges and socio-economic status.



The ENoMW is a female-only, migrant women led, multi-ethnic, secular organisation with core values rooted in the principles of Justice, Equality and Feminism. 


European Network of Migrant Women (ENOMW) was formalised as an AISBL (International Non-Profit Association) in Belgium in 2012. Prior to this a number of migrant women organisations, who eventually became the founding members of the network, had already forged partnerships and voiced the need for a formal structure that would support, visualise and promote the specific concerns and rights of migrant women at the European level. EoMW has over 50 member organisations in 23 European countries. ENoMW has reached considerable visibility at the EU level and has become a respected partner in the international and European arena of human rights, migration and integration, women’s rights and anti-discrimination.