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European Union - VP/2016/015

Esbjerg Kommune 

Esbjerg Commune is a municipality in Denmark. The municipality is responsible among other things for the social services for adults and for job centers, including the integration of refugees into the local labor market. In the municipality of Esbjerg, all activities relating to refugees are carried out in a "House of Integration":

  • Applications, internships, qualifications, mentoring activities, introduction to the Danish labour market and orientation in Danish culture
  • Reception and accommodation of refugees
  • Advice on language courses
  • Coordination with other departments of the municipality, including close cooperation with the Department of Children and Families about the needs of children.


Cidis Onlus

Cidis Onlus is an Italian non-profit organization, born in the early 80’s, working to guarantee equal rights and opportunities for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and to promote Italy as multicultural society. Cidis Onlus operates in central and southern Italy to achieve cultural diversity, equal opportunities for all and social cohesion, promoting intercultural dialogue and fighting prejudice, racism and xenophobia.