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Articial Intellegence 4 Adult Learners

Artificial Intelligence Powered Assessment of basic digital skills in Adult Learning
Duration: 11.2022 - 10.2024 

AI4AL Success Highlighted at Pro Arbeit's "Gallery Walk" Event

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On October 27th, Pro Arbeit hosted an exceptional "Gallery Walk" event in Dreieich, Germany. This distinctive event brought together stakeholders, encompassing city representatives and local authorities, to discover and engage with a diverse range of projects.

The Artificial Intelligence 4 Adult Learner project team took center stage, showcasing the project's impressive achievements and captivating the interest of potential collaborators. The event fostered a spirit of collaboration, with the team forging connections for future partnerships.


AI4AL Project Highlights:

  • Demonstration of project outcomes
  • Capture of interest from potential partners
  • Exchange of contacts for future collaborations
  • Engagement with stakeholders, including city representatives and local authorities

Overall, the Pro Arbeit's "Gallery Walk" event proved to be a resounding success for AI4AL, providing a platform to highlight the project's achievements and foster valuable connections with potential collaborators.

News - November 2023

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We are currently in the process of recruiting the adult educators and trainers for the project in order to be able to start the test phase of the app at the beginning of 2024. 

The app should be easy to use so that people with little technical affinity can use it to create their profile. The app guides users through various questions, which they have to answer step by step, resulting in a kind of evaluation with skills, experience, wishes and potential job offers and further training opportunities. This app is tested by different users so that it is functional and applicable for the target group. 
The project is splitting into a subgroup in Germany. Pro Arbeit wants to create a concept that makes it possible to develop a simplified or adaptable "back to life" path for ex-prisoners in close cooperation with NGOs and prisons. This would enable those released from prison to receive counselling, contact points, further training, etc. shortly before their release so that they are then better prepared for the world of work, including housing. 

Duration: 11.2022 - 10.2024

The primary target group of the project is;

  • By focusing specifically on learners with low digital skills, the project will target those learners who are currently furthest from learning opportunities.
  • NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), former inmates, refugees and migrants, and single parents. 

Specific objectives and key activities

To achieve the overall goal of the project, three specific objectives have been defined;

  1. To develop a methodology and tools for direct involvement of adult educators in the process of adopting AI-based technologies. 
  2. To facilitate definition of personalized training offers by adult educators. 
  3. To train adult educators on the use of AI4AL and the application of AI technologies in ALE.

To achieve the objectives, the consortium will develop an engagement kit, which will include a methodological guide and a repository of use cases. As a second step, the partners will establish “AI4AL”, a matching tool that uses AI to link the assessment of the need for basic digital skills to the offer of micro credentials. Finally, the consortium will create a toolkit for training adult educators on the use of AI4AL and the application of AI technologies to the ALE sector.

150 adult educators will be trained on the use of the engagement kit, and will later test the matching tool with their learners. In total, at least 1,000 adult learners will directly benefit from the project. More adult educators and learners will be able to take the course online through self-paced study.

Project Partners 

  • European Association for The Education Of Adults - EAEA, Belgium
  • Pro Arbeit – Kreis Offenbach - (AöR), Germany 
  • All Digital Aisbl, Belgium
  • Skilllab BV, The Netherlands 
  • European Grants International Academy Srl, Italy
  • Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente Timisoara Asociatia, Romania

Turker Saliji

Phone: +49 (0)6074 8058 – 162

E-Mail: [email protected] 

Co-funded by the European Union under the Agreement number  101090036.

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