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Empowering Migrants Promoting Inclusion via Capacity Building and Communities Engagement 

Duration:  15.01.2021 - 15.12.2022 

The project is dedicated to helping EU citizens see the world through other people's eyes. Through a series of participatory arts and educational projects with a focus on storytelling and dialogue, the project aims to explore how empathy can not only transform our personal relationships, but also help address global challenges such as prejudice, conflict and inequality. 

Duration: 15.01.2021 - 15.12.2022 

In addition, the project aims to develop, test, validate, evaluate and scale a new methodology for integrating migrant youth into local communities based on the direct participation and engagement of local youth. Both groups participate together in a capacity-building programme: young migrants through the usage of integration and inclusion services, while local youth act as impetus and role models, helping them to navigate, integrate and be included. 

Key Activities:

1. Orientation. Activities contributing to acquire a thorough understanding of the effectiveness of existing practices to prevent intolerance.

2. Integration. Each project partners organizes open workshops where partners staff and external experts are invited. These workshops focus on controversial themes (migration, interculturality, integration and social cohesion, globalization, gender-related issues, LGBT rights, fighting racism and intolerance, political polarization etc.). During the capacity building programme, participants will be given the opportunity to specialize in the following pillars: Hate Speech and Fake News/Misinformation. 

3. Inclusion. Activities where the trainees will become ambassadors of the project at local level and will deploy citizens’ engagement activities aimed to spread the concept of EMPATHY. Supported by partners, groups will work for developing an action plan, starting from the definition of a vision to the specific actions to deliver as well as identifying partners and defining audience and media to use for channelling messages. 


Project Partners

  • Asociación BABELIA/Spain
  • Migrant Integration Centre in Brașov/Rumania
  • Project School/Italy
  • Fondazione Empatia Milano (FEM)/Italy

Benedikt Pötz

Phone: +49 (0)6074 8058 – 655

E-Mail: [email protected]

Erasmus+: EACEA/34/2019, Social inclusion and shared values: the contribution in the field of education and training. Finanzhilfevereinbarung Nr. 621405-EPP-1-2020-1-DE-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN 
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