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Regional Integration Accelerators
Create jobs for refugees and asylum seekers and promote their social protection

RIAC project aims to create high-quality and sustainable jobs, promote social protection and support the inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in Germany, Denmark, Italy and Turkey. 

According to the objectives of the EaSI programme, the main goal of the RIAC project is to create quality and sustainable jobs, promote social protection and support the integration of refugees and asylum seekers in Germany, Denmark, Italy and Turkey. 

The RIAC project aims to develop tools, expertise and a common strategy for accelerating labour market integration for refugees and asylum seekers in the above countries that could and should be transferable to any other country or region in Europe.

RIAC modifies the logic, methodology and timetable of the standard integration process by ensuring that the different pathways are implemented simultaneously rather than sequentially.  

The project has ensured the implementation of a model that has been increasingly refined and adapted to local situations in different countries in an often very dynamic scenario.

The project has activated 21 interventions (RIACs) in the 4 partner countries: RIACs are small, manageable and practical units that aim to facilitate and accelerate the socio-economic integration of asylum seekers and refugees by activating personalised pathways that take into account both personal aspirations and labour market needs. 

RIACs are co-designed and implemented at regional or local level in light of labour supply and demand in specific economic sectors and in close cooperation with employers.   The direct link to the labour market is crucial: employers make a unique contribution by adapting the training to both the working conditions and the experience and backgrounds of the participants. 

The project officially ended on 31.12.2020 and lasted 3 years: During this time, the RIAC project reached more than 1000 refugees and asylum seekers in the 4 project countries.   Of these, 224 were placed in stable employment, thanks also to the direct involvement of more than 50 companies in the project - from very large to very small - and the networking work done by each partner. 

Project Partners


  • Pro Arbeit - Kreis Offenbach (AöR), Germany
  • KIZ SINNOVA, Germany
  • Alisei Coop, Italy
  • CIDIS Onlus, Italy
  • Esbjerg Municipality, Denmark
  • IGAM, Turkey
  • Habitat, Turkey
  • Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany

Projektmanagement RIAC
Contact: Amira Bieber

Telefon: 06074 / 8058 – 478

E-Mail: a.bieber@proarbeit-kreis-of.de

Co-funded by the European Union VP/2016/015.

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