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The overall objective of this project is to develop a digital transformation plan to enhance digital skills and competences of healthcare professionals. The core aim is to empower nurses, care givers, midwives, etc. with digital competencies to operate routine practices remotely through Telecare.

Duration: 01.11.2022 - 31.09.2024

Pro Arbeit's "Gallery Walk " Event Showcases Telenursing Success 

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Pro Arbeit arranged an amazing "Gallery Walk" event in Dreieich, Germany, on October 27. This unique gathering invited stakeholders, including city representatives and local authorities, to explore and engage with various projects.

The Telenursing project team played an essential role, presenting impactful project outcomes and capturing the attention of interested organizations. The event was a hub of collaboration, with the team exchanging contacts for future partnerships.

Duration: 01.11.2022 - 31.09.2024

The primary target group of the project is;

  • Expert nurses working within healthcare infrastructures and/or supporting remote home telecare services;
  • Elderly care givers;
  • Midwives;
  • Mobile healthcare professionals

Key activities

1.       Telecare need analysis report: One of the first step of the project is to carry out an in-depth need’s analysis current practices, trends and needs in the Telecare ecosystem of each partner country. The aim is to obtain a clear overview of the existing situation and the needs for setting a baseline for the materials and structures which will be developed during the project. To achieve this In-depth interview, focus group discussions and online surveys will be conducted with the with the healthcare professionals in the field, including nurses, care givers, senior executives, doctors etc. 

2.       Training Materials – Toolkit: The next stage of the project will be development of the learning content, audio and video exercise materials, handbook, curriculum. These materials will be created to serv to help healthcare professionals, learners, Healthcare professional candidates to enhance their digital skills and practice remote telecare practices. The toolkit will be designed to be available in an online platform. The Toolkit will be tested with in total 70 heath care professionals before it will be publicly accessible. 

3.       Digital and Virtual Tools – Databank: The project will make sure that all materials are accessible and available for the learners. To achieve this a collaborative educational web platform will be designed and developed which will include all the learning materials was developed based on the need analysis, additional applications, virtual teacher; databank of Open Educational Resources (OER) etc. 

4.       Advocating and dissemination the materials: It is crucial that the project materials will reach to the weirder audiences across the partnering countries and beyond. The consortium partnership is so designed to make sure the sustainability of the project and the dissemination of the products will be ensured to reach the target groups. To achieve this the project is committed to design an advocacy plan for promoting the project materials, advocate for the needs of healthcare professionals and strengthen the network with partnerships across the Europe.  

Projekt partner

  • Pro Arbeit - Kreis Offenbach -AöR (DE)
  • Systserv (Greece)
  • University of Thessaly - UTH (Greece)
  • European Nursing Council - ENC (Belgium)
  • Uciliste Studium (Croatia) 
  • EGIna (Italy)
  • G&G Huisartsenpraktijk Oranjeboom B.V.  (Netherlands)

Contact person: 
Turker Saliji

Telefon: +49 (0)6074 8058 – 162 

E-Mail: [email protected]

Why TeleNursing? 

Telenursing project is designed to fill in the need for strengthening the digital skills of healthcare professionals to operate routine practices remotely through Telecare. The specific technology is very new, and the majority of the professionals had no opportunity to gain such skills and training during the basic education or even during later courses and trainings. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic have led to greater need of remote home monitoring where actual need of telemetry is in great need.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme under grant agreement 2022-1-De02-KA220-VET-000088728. 

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